Amazon plans to let Alexa enabled Devices to Record before Wake-up

A new patent has been filed by Amazon which suggests that the company is planning to let Alexa enabled devices to record what is being said before the wake up word Alexa.

Sometimes when we give commands to Amazon smart speakers to perform any task and speaks the word Alexa at last, the device doesn’t recognises the command.

But if Amazon will implement this technology in its smart speakers then this problem can be eliminated.

“While such phrasings may be natural for a user, current speech processing systems are not configured to handle commands that are not preceded by a wake word. Offered is a system to correct this problem,” as per Kurt Wesley Piersol and Gabriel Beddingfield, the developers of this patent.

According to the patent application, after a wake word is detected, Alexa may “look backwards” to determine if the command came before the wake word, and use pauses in speech to identify the beginning of the command.

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