Apple’s New Patent makes the 2020 iPhone worth waiting

The latest patent published at Patently Apple suggests that Apple may bring touch id back to its 2020 iPhone.

This touch id will be different from the previous touch id technology used by Apple in its earlier iPhones. According to this patent, 2020 iPhone might have a pinhole camera which can create a 3D map of fingerprint regardless of where the finger is placed.

Also some rumours suggest that 2020 iPhone may have triple rear camera setup cameras and reverse wireless charging.

Apple likely wouldn’t be replacing Face ID anytime soon, but it this new in-screen Touch ID could be used as a supplementary form of biometric identification to make your iPhone even more secure.

This is also the year Apple is rumored to be┬ábringing 5G connectivity to the iPhoneafter reaching a settlement with Qualcomm to use they’re 5G chips.

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