Intel’s 10th Gen Processors unveiled by the Company

Intel has unveiled its new 10th gen processors at computex 2019. They’ll feature its powerful new 11th-gen Iris Plus integrated graphics, which are fast enough to┬árun games decently in 1080p.

These Processors are expected to be available by the end of this year, with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) systems.

The improvements in these new Processors are a bit tougher to grasp than just boosting clock speeds, but the end result should be faster perceived performance for users. And, of course, there are some more direct speed improvements with the new 11th-generation graphics, which feature more than a teraflop worth of performance with 64 execution units and a clock speed up to 1.1GHz. In comparison, Intel’s previous UHD 620 graphics only had 24 execution units.

“10th Gen Intel Core processors — our most integrated CPU — and ‘Project Athena’ are great examples of how our deep investments at a platform level will help fuel innovation across the industry,” Gregory Bryant, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Client Computing Group, said in a statement.

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